Consumer Land Services is for all of the following services: Brown Tree Cutter, Brush Hogging, Extreme Brush Hogging, Forestry Mulching, Hydro Ax Clearing, Land Clean Up Services, Land Clearing, Litter Control, Logging Clean Up, Plowing, Slope Mowing, Stump Grinding, Stump Removal, Tilling, Tractor Mowing, Tree Removal Services, Tree Trimming Services, Blower Services, Edging, Hedge Trimming, Weed Eating and Zero Turn Mowing

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CODE COMPLIANCE ISSUES take priority because the property owner generally has less than 10 days to comply or they will be fined. Cities, Counties, State, HOAs, POAs and the Federal Government, now have Code Compliance rules and regulations. These Codes regulate property conditions and builder building requirements. IN MOST CASES, investigation of code violations and enforcement action happens when a citizen files a complaint. In the State of Texas fines can be up to $2,000 a day.

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If you are needing trees to be cleared removed please list the types and average quantity per acre. (Sample types: Bodark, Cactus, Cedar, Cypress, Hackberry, Huisache (Weesatche), Mesquite, Oak, Pine, Tallows, Yaupons)

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