WE ARE "FULLY" Insured.

Do Not Discount this.  Do not play it down... "Oh, nothing's gonna happen."

Yeah Right!

State Agents have been warning property owners about utilizing the services of a company, and or individual that is not fully insured.  Liability is not enough.

Many property owners have lost their property and more due to injuries caused by uninsured or under insured service providers.

We can and will provide you with a Certificate of Insurance upon request. This COI, as it is more commonly referred, is created by our insurance agent.

Many companies and or individuals will  "Make Up" their own ... which is illegal.

The vast majority of Companies, especially owner operators,  do not have Insurance and those that do only have General liability.  

This only partially protects you.

 It does not protect you if any of the companies employees get hurt while on your job.  

Many owner operators do not have to carry Workers comp so they don't, but if they get hurt they also can sue the land owner, and many have.

AND Most companies, especially owner operators, do not carry commercial vehicle insurance.  

Again, if they hit or hurt something or somebody, with their vehicle,while on your property .... you are not fully covered.  You can and will be held liable….

Ask your Estimator what fully means. WE ARE "FULLY" Insured.